Natural Health Expo

Uta4:00 Saturday

Presenter: Uta Weidemeier

How are we influencing our health and reality on the spiritual level?

Come and see me on stand 54

Develop consciously your multidimensional ability to control your choices in regards to relationships and health for your future. Clear haunting issues of the past, move on and grow while you expand your consciousness

Multi-dimensional Education is divided into Theory, and practical application of utilising the mind to control your body while your empowered true spirit is the engine of your well- being.

Holographic Kinetics (founded by Steve Richards/Australia) is a technique to clear interferences and other psycho energetic imbalances within the field. Learn about how this technique could serve you.

In my short 30 min introductory presentations one can expect to note some points for personal healing, engage in a short effective exercise (considering all states of health in the audience),  and receive a brochure to call on me to a later time to follow up on personal issues.