Natural Health Expo

Presenter 1 Share International Gordon Tye2:00 Saturday

Presenter: Gordon Tye, Share International NZ

Gordon from Share International NZ invites you to hear about a simple, effective group meditation that creates inner harmony and peace, and helps transform the world.  All welcome.

Come and see us on stand 42

Anyone keen on increasing awareness and creating a balance between mind, spirit and body - at the same time helping transform the planet - is welcome.  Groups meet regularly throughout New Zealand and participation is free.

This is a unique way to stimulate your energy centres (chakras) that would be impossible otherwise.

By focusing your thought and intention (as will be described at this seminar) and by partaking in regular group meditations, one’s own spiritual development is heightened while at the same time participants are helping the world become more peaceful and just.

tel: 021 0799980 (Megan Scherer – who can pass msg on to Gordon)

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