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Aotearoa Essences make a unique range of Waitaha-Focused NZ Flower Essences, with clearer, new information on their vibrational healing effects - including their original 'One Family' Blueprints. Flower Essences have a special ability to balance & heal the Emotions & Emotional-Body, which little else available can do. Different Ranges include NZ RESCUE REMEDY & WELL-BEING Essences, CHAKRA Essences, DEEP-ACTING Essences & a new range of RELATIONSHIP Essences.

Having helped hundreds of people with Emotional-Body Healing (the most difficult area to balance) this also promotes 'physical' wellbeing as our emotional patterns directly affect health. Jay has 20+ years experience & taught at the College of Vibrational Medicine in London. Free Energy-Body/Chakra Scans & Tune-ins will be available on the stand.

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