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Patrick van der Burght and Steve Hewitt (as seen on Grand Designs)

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GEOVITAL Academy for Radiation Protection and Environmental Medicine started out as a naturopathic health clinic in the mountains of Austria. The clinic still thrives but GEOVITAL is now a global authority on patient focused investigation and remediation of homes and bedrooms for radiation of both man-made and natural sources. The BEDROOM is key in health protection and recovery as this is where the body is supposed to regenerate, which often it is hindered in severely. GEOVITAL also makes a toxic-free health mattress with stretch-effect (since 25 years) and this is an integral part of creating the healthy bedroom. Talk to us about verifiable radiation solutions and try this exclusive but still affordable mattress.

Expo special: one free pillow with mattrass order on the day.

Patrick is proud of the professionals he has taught and continues to teach about how to measure radiation in homes.

GEOVITAL was also featured on TV in October by Grand Designs.

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