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What’s Your TruAge Scanner and PXP Royale Purple Rice?

After a 1 year absence the TruAge Scanner is back at the Natural Health Expo at the Hamilton Gardens on 19th and 20th of November.

Delma and Jim Heyder have been involved with Nutritional health since 1989 and are certified to use the TruAge Scanner. They travel throughout Australia and New Zealand helping people understand what their TruAge is and how to live longer, look younger, lose weight and to lift their sporting performance. This TruAge scanner uses light technology to measure your Glycation levels. It is the only one in New Zealand.

The PXP Royale (Purple Rice) is grown organically in the Siam valley of Thailand and is milled to a fine powder such that when it is stirred into a thin paste and consumed, it is able to provide nutrition to the Mitochondria in our cells. The health benefits are immense, especially for people with Mitochondrial Dysfunctional illnesses and the results are very well documented.

The process on the day will be:

  1. Have a TruAge Scan
  2. Drink a sample of PXP Royale Purple Rice
  3. Wait 30 minutes
  4. Have another TruAge Scan. (Proving the effectiveness of PXP Royale Purple Rice)
  5. Have a consultation with Delma - this lasts around 15 minutes and includes advice on how to improve your health and lifestyle.