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The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine  explores a wide range of topics that are relevant to maintaining or regaining good health, including nutrition, herbal medicine, including New Zealand native rongoa, exercise, homoeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage and many other modalities that can make a contribution to improving people‚Äôs health.  It also examines environmental and social and issues that impact on health, as well as include information that will allow readers to reduce their risks of developing iatrogenic disease.

The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine is published quarterly and distributed in New Zealand and Australia.

Jonathan Eisen is the editor of the New Zealand best seller Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries.

Katherine Smith is the editor of a book on organic growing and farming Superfoods: How to Grow Them and Why You Need Them Now (AIT Press) and The Cancer Prevention Handbook (The Full Court Press, 2000). She has also trained as a herbalist and maintained a part-time practice for ten years.